3 Piece • Threadless • Premium

Made out of 6061 aluminum with a hard anodize coating to prevent wear

About Us

What keeps you grinding?

Like many kids, I worked through high school to get ahead. And again, like so many others, after only a few short years of work, the pandemic came crashing down on my workplace.

A machine shop teaches you a lot about making the most of what you have available. In this case, I used the downtime to design and perfect a threadless grinder with an emphasis on style, simplicity, and reliability.

Can a handmade tool compete with cheap plastic and ceramic pricing through imports? No. But can I feel great about what I do every day, in offering Americans a high-quality and custom-made product that changes how they grind? A few years into my self-owned business tells me “yes.”

You can feel great too—about what you buy and what you use every day. All Pucc Grinders are manufactured, assembled, and packaged right here in Mesa, Arizona.

Take a chance on the little guy, and experience the advantage of threadless grinding.

About Our Product

Threadless Convenience



The Pucc is made and assembled in Arizona USA!
Arizona United States